Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Interview List

A few weeks ago while on vacation with my family and I decided to create a list of hockey people I would love to interview. I pulled out my yellow legal pad and wasted no time writing down the first few names. Number one on my list was Travis Roy, followed by Chris Drury, and then Rick Jeanneret (I am after all a Sabres fan). I continued to add names until I reached the last line on the page. They were in no order. I just wrote down the names as they popped in my head. I put it away and figured I would put the list on my blog in the next few days as sort of a joke.

The next day I checked my e-mail and saw a message from Mike at Center Ice I figured it was just an update on things on the site. When I opened the email two words jumped off the screen...Travis Roy. I had no idea that Center Ice News was even in contact with him so what followed was even more stunning... agrees to do interview with Center Ice News and I thought you would be the perfect person to do it.

There were a few things that made me have this feeling I get when I just know something was meant to be. One of course was the list I had made the night before. Two was that I knew Travis was all about creating goals, and in a way that's what my list was. And three, my brother was a student at BU when Travis had his accident so I knew his story and had followed it as much as I could.

I emailed Mike back and told him of course I would do the interview and to just forward me the information. Then reality sank in! I started my blog with the idea I would talk to the people of hockey and their connection to the game. I never thought that it would lead to interviewing people who were so well know in the hockey world. I was still on a high from getting to interview Kevin Sylvester who's interview happened in much the same way. I asked, and he said yes. Now I a was about to interview Travis Roy! It was crazy.

As I mentioned before, Travis is big on having goals and writing them down. It might sound stupid or feel ridiculous to some people to write down their goals. And my interview list was more of a wish list than goals (I never actually thought I would ever interview any of the people on my list). But if you've never written down your own goals before I suggest you try it sometime. There is something to be said for writing your goals out on paper and seeing it each day. It makes it concrete in a way and reminds you of where you are going.

Over the next two days I grew more confident in my ability to do the interview. I prepared an outline of questions I could email Travis and then, if needed a few follow up questions. When I saw a new email from Mike I figured it would contain an email address for Travis. Instead I was shocked by what it said, “Travis said to just give him a call and you can do the interview over the phone.” Then it listed Travis' email and phone number.

I was thrilled and worried at the same time. I mean how cool was it that I was going to get to talk to Travis but that meant that I was going to have to talk to Travis! I had only done interviews through chats and emails, both of which put distance between myself and the subject. I was able to edit what I wanted to ask or say right up until the moment I hit send on my computer. Now I would have to do my first live interview and it was with the number one guy on my list. I was starting wish “The Zamboni Guy” had come to my mind first when I created my list instead of his current location at #29!

Travis and I exchanged a few emails and we set a time and date to do the interview. I researched about how to record phone calls to my computer. After creating a google voice account and going in a round about way I was able to record an out going call (I filed that little tidbit of information away just in case I ever needed to record a phone call in the future).

So there I sat at noon my time, notebook in hand, ready to call Travis and add a new chapter to the amazing places my blog has taken me....

Just a quick note... I have already done my interview with Travis and I'm in the process of posting soon. I had a few set backs in writing the article that included a surprise visit from my family (not that I don't love you Mom and Dad!) So I promise to have it up soon and hope you enjoyed hearing about how it all came about...

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