Monday, June 27, 2011

My Interview with
Buffalo Sabres' Kevin Sylvester

The other day during the Sabres Summit I was once again impressed by the organization's ability to connect with the fans. If you were unable to participate, I suggest you check out the blogs listed below. The Sabres selected bloggers from around the area to blog about the event, while fans sent in questions. I'm sure this made it much easier for the panel compared to what happened to Ted Black during his chat back in April. Towards the end of the three hour long chat Ted found himself with no tech support (probably because it was so late and they needed to go home). He had to fend for himself, filtering through all the questions being asked, and still managed to do an awesome job. This time bloggers did the filtering and Ted could sit back and enjoy a beer ( which I think he had in hand when he came out if I remember right). For more info on the Summit, here are a few good sites.... Sabres Summit Part 1 Sabres Summit Part 2 Sabres Summit Part 3 (would not load today, but listing it anyway)

There were a few things that the Sabres Summit did for me, a girl blogging about hockey from the state of Oregon:

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife


As I watched the NHL Awards last night there were a few things that stood out. One of course was Lady Bing winner, Martin St. Louis, having his name slaughtered by two blond Real Housewives of somewhere. The other thing that stood out was in the acceptance speeches of the winners. Almost every man (with the exception of Jeff Skinner who isn't aloud to date yet) thanked their wife, fiancĂ©, or girlfriend  for their support.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Stuff Coming... I Promise!

Well I recovered from my kidney infection just in time for the last few weeks of the school year. So my time has been spent being a chaperon for both of my kids' classes on field trips.

When I was on my daughter's trip to the State Capitol I watched the kids excitedly look out the bus windows to try and catch a glimpse of one of the buildings. There is a giant gold statue called the "Golden Pioneer" on top of that building.  All the kids strained to see this piece of history they had learned about in class. It was hard to hear over all their shrieks, oohs, and ahhhhs. But then there was this perfect moment of silence at the exact same time one of the kids, looking out the other side of the bus, shouted, "Look! There's the bikini coffee place!"

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